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Shelbyville, KY



North Carolina State Championship Horse Show

Show Schedule

Saturday - 6:00PM

151. Carolina Futurity Weanling Jackpot
152. Carolina Cup Equitation Champ.
153. Morgan Park Harness
153.1. Lead Line English/Western Attire
154. Show Pl. 14-17 Champ.
155. Roadster Under Saddle Champ.
156. Am Park Champ.
157. Harness Pony Champ.
158. Five Gated Show Pl. Jr. Exhib. Champ.
159. Morgan Pl. Driving Am Champ.
160. Jr. Exhib. Three Gaited 14-17 Champ.
161. Three Gaited Jackpot Stake
162. Morgan Western Pl. Champ.
163. Three Gated 13 & Under Champ.
164. Hackney Pony Champ.
165. Five Gated Pony Champ.
166. Roadster to Bike Champ.
167. Jr. Exhib. Park Champ.
168. Country Pl. Adult Champ.
169. Roadster Pony Champ.
170. Fine Harness Champ.
171. Three Gaited Pony Champ.
172. Morgan English Pl. Champ.
173. Show Pl. 13 & Under Champ.
174. Five Gaited 13 & Under Champ.
175. Show Pl. Adult Champ.
176. Five Gaited 14-17 Champ.
177. Morgan Park Saddle Champ.
178. Five Gaited Jackpot Stake

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