Can you cancel my Richfield Video Archives subscription for me? 

A common misconception is that we can cancel your subscription for you. Your agreement for the subscription to Richfield Video Archive is actually with YouTube/Google, not Richfield. Due to strict YouTube/Google privacy policies, Richfield cannot access or make any alterations to your agreement.YouTube handles all of the subscription details as follows. 


How do I cancel my Richfield Video Archives subscription?

Go to, and make sure you are signed into your account. Click on the tab that says "My Purchases" and Richfield Video Archive will come up. Under Richfield Video Archive in small blue letters, "cancel" will appear. Click it and then click "Accept" and your subscription will be cancelled.

Otherwise, on day 10 of your free trial you will receive a email from YouTube asking if you would like to continue to be a subscriber or not. At that time you can choose to cancel.


How do I watch old sessions/horse shows that you have already webcast?

To watch any old shows/footage that we have shot you can go to the archives and click on the tab titled "playlists". There you will find folders for each different show we have attended and webcast, and also any old footage that we have uploaded from past years. 


How do I watch the live feed on my Smart TV? 

Unfortunately at this time, live events purchased through YouTube are not available for playback through this app. If you would like to watch your paid live events on the big screen, you can try physically connecting your computer to your TV, through HDMI, Chromecast, or a similar solution.